Technology for your business

2024 brings new IT challenges. Let us help you with secure remote access.

High Performance

Servers, clouds and hybrid solutions for your business. Let the experts at Micro-Ram handle the transition of your office to the cloud. Our experienced staff will make your transition to the cloud safe and secure.

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Managed Services

Managed services provides a cost effective solution to manage all of your computers. We handle everything from backups, Windows updates, third-party updates, anti-virus monitoring, disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Don't let the current wave of Ransomware wipe out all of your data. Contact us today to get started.

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Windows 7 Upgrades

Windows 11 arrives in 2022. It's time to clean up those last few Windows 7 machines.

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Wireless Networks

Advances in modern wireless technologies like 5GHz 802.11ax WIFI6 now offer near wire speed. You can now finally carry that tablet and access all of the services just as fast as your desktop computer. Micro-Ram can supply you with the wireless technology that will bring your office in to the modern era.

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